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Back To Normal With My Workouts

I seem to finally have my SI joint and piriformis muscle under control so I can do my strength workouts and riding pretty much full tilt. I am attempting to make sure I keep my cadence higher so I don’t push too high gears on the bike which avoids aggravating the piriformis as I did about a week ago. I have also started to ramp up stretching of the piriformis and strength training for the SI joint at night. It feels great to be back, and I will definitely treat this as a wake-up call to take care of my weak spots.

On Friday I did a hard ride, starting out with a brisk 70 minute tempo on Coyote Creek Trail, then throwing in some intervals and on-bike strength training. This was a challenging workout but I felt great after. On Saturday I did my upper body workout, both arm-cycling and resistance bands in the garage. I was able to up the resistance on all the upper body movements which felt good, like I’m making progress. Sunday I did another hard ride, similar to Friday but this time in the hills West of town. I was inspired by Friday’s ride so I did some extra interval training, which felt fine at the time but I didn’t feel as great later in the day, a sign that I overdid, so I’ll cut back a bit on my next hard ride. Yesterday it was back to upper body work, similar to Saturday, followed by an easy ride around my neighborhood.

Friday’s ride is on Strava here, Saturday workout here, Sunday’s ride here, Monday’s workout here and ride here.

Heading Up Edmundson towards Oak Glen Ave on SundayOn Sycamore Ave West of Town

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