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I’ve been riding a lot lately though I’ve been remiss about reporting on it.

Last Saturday, June 8th, was my 50th wedding anniversary. Karen and I had celebrated earlier in the week with some friends and just the two of us Saturday night. We also plan to go on a short local celebratory trip and in the fall a second honeymoon trip.

So Sunday I slept in an did a shorter ride though I usually do a long hard ride that day. Monday I did my strength workout then an easy ride, and Tuesday I did my group ride. I had a doctor’s appointment up in Campbell and left my SI joint belt there. I like to wear it when going on longer rides on an upright, plus I knew Tuesday’s ride was relatively flat so I’d be able to keep up on my recumbent, so I rode that instead. It was a nice ride but got hot at the end (the high for the day was 96 F or 36 C). Fortunately it cooled off the next day and has stayed cooler. Wednesday I did a short but hard ride, with sprints and intervals, and Thursday I did my strength workout then had a fun ride on my upright, using lots of electric assist (I had picked up the SI joint belt from the Drs office on Wednesday).

SI joint belt (Sparthos Sacroiliac Si Hip Belt on This squeezes the pelvis on both sides against the sacrum, reducing looseness in the SI joint .
Taking a break at Metcall on Sunday’ ride
I nice local grove of California Pepper Trees I passed on my upright

Sunday ride here, Monday strength workout here, ride here. Tuesday ride her, Wednesday ride here. Thursday ride here, strength workout here.

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