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Slight (I Hope) Setback…

Last night I was working on my recumbent and did something not too smart which aggravated my SI joint. I wanted to remove the front wheel to work on it, and I don’t have a test stand, so the best way to do that is flip the bike on its back. But I was in a hurry so just lifted the front of the bike off the ground and held it while I released the quick release and let the wheel drop out. While doing that I felt a big twinge in the SI joint and it was in steady pain after, making sleep challenging last night. By today it is still quite sore but a little better than yesterday. I’m hoping I just strained the joint itself or a ligament or muscle (like the piriformis) near it. I’ll take a few days off from exercising and hope it heals back up. I’m also wearing a special SI joint belt like the one I described here, which supports the joint. I can afford the enforced rest since I’ve been working out a lot lately.

In retrospect what I did was equivalent to sitting in a chair, holding my arm out steady while holding a 15 pound dumbbell, and leaning forward. Pretty much assured to put strain on the back area including the SI joint. Now it’s me that feels like a dumbbell. You really have to be careful to avoid certain movements and positions while rehabbing an injury.

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