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6 Simple Steps To Invite More Love & Joy This Holiday Season

By Tanya Carroll Richardson

mbg Contributor

Tanya Carroll Richardson is an author and professional intuitive, giving readings to clients all over the world.

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How open are you to receiving? In other words, being the one who is accepting a gift instead of the one giving, or sometimes surrendering and letting things happen for you instead of always being proactive and making things happen?

Being assertive and proactive are healthy, practical, and necessary ways to move through the world. However, balancing this energy with its opposite—receiving and allowing—promotes greater wellbeing and easier manifestation.

If receiving feels uncomfortable or vulnerable for you, that’s very normal. Many people experienced childhood wounds or very challenging seasons from their pasts that can make expecting help or good things now feel unsafe or unrealistic.

You might be a natural caretaker or even an earth angel, and just love to give. Yet at times, you could go into burnout because you’re giving all the time and not receiving enough from yourself and others to balance all that giving.

Whatever your relationship to receiving, try this receiving ritual to connect with more grace and support.


Set your intention

Set the intention that you’d like to rest and receive more, instead of giving and doing as much, for the next week or seven days. You can set this intention silently in a prayer or meditation or by writing it down in your journal.

For now, keep this sacred intention secret—just a little experiment between you and the universe. Let your energy soften, becoming open, gentle, and curious about how the week will unfold!


Continue business as usual

For the next seven days, go about your life normally. Take care of your regular responsibilities and help others in ways that are appropriate and healthy. But also take a more surrendered, relaxed attitude toward issues in your life.

If you’ve been pushing to get a promotion or the green light on a creative project, or pushing your partner or roommate to tackle a to-do list, take a week off that agenda or adopt a more peaceful, and less pushy attitude. Have more healthy detachment around your goals in general.


Pour into yourself

Receive more from yourself by leaning into your self-care and self-love practice. Speak lovingly and encouragingly to yourself in your own mind, take time out to rest, and engage in your favorite activities.

Practice saying “no” with love to others when the request doesn’t honor you or will be too draining. If self-love is something you struggle with or want to work with more mindfully, try my annual calendar, A Year of Self-Love, which has a healing self-love message and action step for every day of the year.


Watch for others to give to you in unexpected ways

Your favorite barista might treat you to a coffee, your child might offer to fold the laundry for you, or your boss might invite you to knock off work an hour early. You may receive in very big ways this week, but this isn’t about winning the lottery or getting a call from Oprah—or getting exactly the outcome you desire.

As you align your energy more to receive and allow, the small gifts that can come to you quickly and easily will. And those small presents can have a big positive impact on your mood and your day.


Reflect on what you’ve received

At the end of each day, look back at anything you received—from a smile or kind word offered by a neighbor or coworker, to material resources like a surprise financial windfall, to helpful signs and synchronicities from the universe.

Take a moment to let yourself really register these gifts in your system, feeling more supported and grateful as a result. By attuning your energy to receiving, you might notice more often when someone or something is giving toward you as well as receive some unexpected blessings.

As the week ends, remind yourself that this intention to receive is an attitude or neural pathway you can work with and develop anytime.


Mindfully give to others

Have days and weeks when you mindfully give more to others too, and are more proactive about pushing your own agenda forward.

This could look like a week when you’re feeling motivated and inspired, or rested and recharged, so you make a point of giving a coworker a compliment or giving a child in your life a supportive listening ear. You might decide to finally tackle that home project or plan how you’ll ask for a raise before your next review.

The takeaway

Making one week a mindful time to receive can be a regular healing practice when you’re recovering from burnout, feeling extra challenged, craving more support and comfort, or wanting to approach goals in a new way. Every day is a dance of giving and receiving, and both are very nourishing for the spirit!

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