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Around The Reservoirs Group Ride

Yesterday I went for about an 80 minute ride before my group ride. I wanted to see if eating breakfast made a difference so I tested my speed on an out-and-back course to the Southeast of Morgan Hill. Yes it did- I was over half a mile per hour faster. I started skipping breakfast because of the idea that doing so before a long ride was supposed to make your body learn to use fat for fuel better. Then I learned that there are health benefits to time-restricted eating so I started skipping breakfast everyday. But in Dr. Greger’s research for his book How Not To Age, he found the health benefits are more for skewing your eating toward earlier in the day, like making dinner lighter or skipping it, not for skipping breakfast. So now I’m back to eating breakfast most days, with just a couple a week for the original fat adaptation idea.

After the warmup ride I headed to the start of the group ride. We headed Northwest into the hills, around the first reservoir (Chesbro) then out to the end of Casa Loma road to the entrance to Rancho Canada Del Oro Open Space. Then we went back to Uvas road and headed south, eventually passing the second reservoir (Uvas). Both reservoirs were full and beautiful. From there we headed back to the start, passing through the pleasant Sycamore valley and over Sycamore hill on the way. It was sunny but cold at the start but warmed up during the ride and was nice towards the end. There was a strong headwind mostly front the north, so we fought it on the way to Casa Loma, then had fun flying with the tailwind on Uvas on the way back. Total was about 3 1/2 hours, it is posted in two rides on Strava here and here. The first is the 80 minute out and back, the second is the group ride.

Rest Stop near Chesbro DamRancho Canada Del Oro Open SpaceUvas Reservoir

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