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Brisk Local Ride

Today should have been my Tuesday group ride but rain was forecast so we didn’t do one. I rode anyway and got all geared up for the rain but it turned out not to arrive till after my ride was over. I managed to sneak in a brisk 35 mile ride in pretty nice weather.

Still sunny as I was heading home

Today was “hard” day on the bike so after riding at a quick but manageable “zone 2” tempo for a bit over 90 minutes I threw in some faster long intervals to improve lactate threshold and then some fast sprints with long recovery in between, then finished with an easier cooldown. This is what I’ve been doing for hard day recently, and it feels challenging but great. In the words of the great running coach Bill Bowerman, a good workout should leave you feeling “exhilarated not exhausted” and this one does.

I did all this on my Corsa recumbent in the configuration with 20″ wheels front and back. I’ve been really enjoying this, it makes for a compact but fast little bike. It reminds of the first comfortable recumbent I ever had, the Rans Rocket, which is a classic that is unfortunately never made. The Corsa is similar but lighter and faster.

Me riding my Rans Rocket. About 18 years ago!The Corsa with 20″ wheels front and back

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