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Dirt And Road Riding

Saturday I took my upright bike on some local dirt and gravel trails nearby for some fun riding on a nice day. Sunday was hard day so I took my recumbent for a fast tempo ride down in San Martin with some intervals and sprints on the way back.

Yesterday was hard upper body day. I modified my routine to work around my carpal tunnel diagnosis, because I noticed that my wrists flex and extend while arm-cycling. I could modify the grips to fix that, but for now I just omitted it. Instead I did a warmup walking with light hand weights, then did strength training with resistance bands. I followed that with sprints on my kayak simulator that uses resistance bands. I then did my resistance band canoe simulator, and low punches (that are effectively the opposite of the canoe motion). I finished with a cooldown with light resistance on the kayak simulator, and some more walking with hand weights. This was a challenging but enjoyable upper body workout. I then went on a 45 minute easy cruise on my recumbent.

The carpal tunnel diagnosis was a surprise. I mentioned!! that an MRI showed I have some issues like bone spurs in my neck which could possibly affect the nerves down into my arms, so I did a nerve test at my neurologist’s office. It did not show any problems from the neck, which was good news. But it did detect that I have reduced velocity of nerve signals in my wrists, which she suspects is an early symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. She said since I am asymptomatic and this is fairly minor it is something to just monitor. But it made me wonder what activities I do that might be relevant to this. I don’t spend too much time on the computer these days so I doubt it’s typing or mouse movement. I checked I have a very neutral wrist position when riding and for all my resistance band activities. The arm cycling was the only suspect.

Back Entrance to Anderson Dam parkDirt trail that is mostly used for horseback riding and walking near the Coyote Creek TrailThere is a new neighborhood to the right that went in recently. As part of the project the city required an easement be left for open space, with this nice sand trail on it. Carpal Tunnel.

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