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Easy Day Plus Upper Body

Today was my upper body workout followed by an easy bike ride. I forgot to mention in talking about periodization yesterday that if your main exercise mode is lower-body specific like cycling, it is important not to neglect training the upper body with its own exercises. When I’m heavily emphasizing cycling like now, I still do at least 30 minutes of upper body work twice a week, described here. It was cloudy with light drizzle (like what they call “Oregon mist” in Oregon) for most of the ride, which is the vanguard of our new storm coming in. But it was still enjoyable. I was on my upright with fatter tires so I took it down to Harvey Bear park in San Martin, and rode on the trails partway up the hill on the Willow Springs trail before heading back. Nice view from up there, even on a day on the gloomy side. Posted on Strava here.

From the Willow Springs trail. A lit sunshine is peaking through to the southwest

Cloudier looking northwest toward Morgan Hill

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