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Enjoying The Return of the Sunshine

After all the recent storms we’ve had, it’s nice we’ll be getting well over a week of nice weather. I took advantage of it yesterday with a little over two hours of brisk riding to the west and then southeast.

It is feeling pretty spring-like, at least temporarily, for February, with our Magnolia tree in bloom.Oak Glen Ave, Heading up the hill towards Llagas road

I have my recumbent set up in a new configuration with two small 20″ (iso 406 mm) wheels and the seat from my old bike. This is comfortable but considerably more aerodynamic than the old bike so it is faster. Yesterday was my first long test of this setup and I really like it. With skinnier (28 mm) tires it is fast on smoother roads. With fatter tires like 32 or 38 mm it can handle rougher roads. If I want to be faster, like for doing a Strava record attempt, I can put the bigger 28 inch (700c or iso 622 mm) wheels on and the new seat which is much more reclined. Switching among the configurations takes a matter of minutes now that I’m used to it. It is nice to have this kind of versatility out of one bike. Because of this I now only own two bikes which has freed up some storage space in the garage. This also helps in conversation, as I don’t have to explain to non-cyclisting enthusiasts why I need three bikes (which gets a little subtle…).

Front 20″ wheel off my old bike, and a new wheel I ordered for the back

This is a downside of small wheels. Where the red arrow is you can see the rear derailleur hangs down close to the ground. It would be bad if it dragged on the ground due to a flat. But I verified that at worst it still clears the ground by an inch with the tire deflated. Close call! It probably would not be a good idea to ride this setup off-road or on really rough roads

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