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Great Group Ride, Hard Leg Day, Then Hard Upper Day

On Tuesday my local group went on a nice loop ride on a beautiful spring day. I led this one, pinch-hitting for our usual leader Kris. We did a counterclockwise loop around Chesbro and Uvas reservoirs, with an extra out-and-back on Casa Loma road to Rancho Canada Del Oro open space. Because I was leading I took my e-bike which made it easier for me to be in the back or up front as needed. I also used enough assist so I didn’t have to push too hard, so this counted as an easy day even though we rode more than 30 miles.

On Wednesday I did a solo ride on my recumbent. I experimented with leaving the 28″ back wheel on, putting the 20″ wheel back on up front, and putting my more upright cruising seat on. With this configuration I re-rode my 19K San Martin time trial!!. I was 10% slower than having the bike in my performance set-up (28″ wheels front and back, more reclined seat, and headrest), as expected. But my time today of 45:13 was a bit faster than my previous fastest time in “cruising configuration”, which was with 20″ wheels front and back. That’s actually good news, because a 20″ wheel in the back is not the best, the derailleur is too close to the ground. So now I can easily swap from “cruising” to “performance” modes by changing seats and front wheel, about a ten minute job. I love this versatile bike! After the time trial I did some longer intervals and then some sprints, and I felt great after the ride.

Yesterday I did my upper body workout at home then went for an easy ride on my recumbent. I had to remove some layers because it got warm at the end- it got up to 77 (25 C) here today

Tuesday’s ride is on Strava here. Wednesday’s here. Yesterday here and here.

Chesbro Reservoir is still fullHeading Up Casa Loma RoadThe First of Two Safety Improvements on Uvas road- The road was realigned to make it straighter, and a narrow bridge was replaced with a wider one. This is near Little Uvas roadA few miles further south is the second , larger project. This involved a larger bridge and retainment wall. It appears to just need some landscaping.Our Group (minus Bob, who took the shot) it front of an old barn on Casa Loma road. Someone said the purpose of the picture was to show that there is something in the world in worse shape than we are!

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