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Group Ride To See Critters

Yesterday I did about 30 minutes of upper body workout, then joined my group as we rode to the foothills by Gilroy, southeast of Morgan Hill. We saw the goats and pigs at a small farm along Crews road. Then we rode up to Bridal Path Road to visit Aladdin the camel and his buddy, an Ethiopian Bull with big horns. We finished back in Morgan Hill for lunch. It was a nice brisk ride, we formed a paceline on long stretches with headwinds. I was happy to be able to keep up well with my non-assist upright, even on some steeper sections in the foothills. This is a great group and fun to ride with.

Stopped near the little farm on Crews Road

Two huge full-grown pigs. I don’t know the boys name, the girl (pink, in front) is Petunia.
Aladdin, looking majestic but a little disappointed we’ve run out of carrots.

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