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I Swear By This Product To Keep My Skin Glowing Even In The Dead Of Winter

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By Carleigh Ferrante

mbg Commerce Editor

Carleigh Ferrante is the Commerce Editor at mindbodygreen.

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My go-to winter hack is upgrading my shower routine with a nourishing body wash, like Kopari’s Hydrating Vitamin C Shower Oil (which is currently 30% off in the brand’s sitewide Black Friday sale).

Trust me, as someone who resisted spending slightly more for higher-quality products, I can honestly say I wish I made the change to a clean, nourishing formula sooner.

Kopari Vitamin C Shower Oil$20 (Was $29)

What makes this shower oil different

Don’t let the term shower oil confuse you; this will clean your skin, too—but it’s way more hydrating than a typical wash. While many shower soaps can strip your skin of its natural oils, this product actually incorporates oils to replenish your skin as it cleanses.

Along with coconut oil—a signature in all Kopari products—this lush formula packs avocado, hibiscus seed, and passionfruit seed oil for a hydrating powerhouse that’s rich in vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids.

I’ve tried a few shower oils, but none have compared to Kopari’s. Others felt more like I was greasing up for a massage than actually washing my skin. With this formula, I leave the shower feeling squeaky clean—just with that healthy, natural glow.

What’s more, the oil packs a skin care powerhouse: vitamin C. The antioxidant brightens skin and promotes balanced pigmentation1 (i.e., an even skin tone), making this formula the secret to glowing skin, no matter the season.

And vitamin C offers long-term benefits too. It stimulates collagen production to slow down the skin’s aging process and protects from environmental aggressors, which is especially important in harsh winter conditions.

Kopari Vitamin C Shower Oil$20 (Was $29)

It keeps my skin feeling incredible

I’ve been using this shower oil for over three years—and there’s a reason I keep coming back. My skin used to feel dry and look dull once colder weather set in, but now it has a permanent healthy shine.

As soon as anyone sees or feels how smooth my skin is in the driest winter months, they need to know my secret. (I’ve converted many a friend from drugstore brands to Kopari over the years.)

One more fun fact: I haven’t spent money on shaving cream or gel since I added this oil to my routine. Once worked into a lather, it’s the perfect texture for shaving. My legs drink up the moisture, and all that’s left behind is an undeniably smooth shave and a subtle coconut scent that lingers for a few hours.

The takeaway

It cleanses, it hydrates; is there anything this shower oil doesn’t do? OK, so it won’t solve *all* your problems, but the cleanser is an easy way to keep your skin glowing—and the brand’s sitewide Black Friday markdown is more than enough reason to try it for yourself.

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