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My Psychiatrist Said To Try A Supplement For Mental Health — I Reached For This One*


Jen Howard

Health Writer

By Jen Howard

Health Writer

Jen Howard works as a paralegal in a law firm and can be found out with friends or watching the Boston sports teams in her free time.

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Now more than ever, I truly believe mental health and physical health are intertwined. When I started seeing a functional psychiatrist, she gave me a list of vitamins and minerals I should be supplementing with to support my mood. This shifted my perspective on supplements because I have always viewed them as a way to fill nutritional gaps in my diet—not as something that could produce a completely unique benefit. 

The concept of nootropics—aka brain-supporting supplements—piqued my interest. While I promptly incorporated her recommendations into my daily routine, I also took it upon myself to dig deeper into other nutritional ingredients that could supply additional benefits. And that’s when I found mindbodygreen’s brain guard+.

What drew me to brain guard+ 

I’m usually quick to reach for anything with caffeine, but I wanted a supplement that affected my brain differently than the fleeting energy rush I get from coffee. Specifically, I wanted something that could help my focus and memory—since I struggle with those. 

When I came across brain guard+, its claims of improved memory, cognitive flexibility, and enhanced mental processing speed enticed me.* It also provided three ingredients that I currently wasn’t supplementing with including citicoline, kanna, and resveratrol

I had never heard of citicoline before, and although I’m not a scientist, I found several studies showing that this neuronutrient actually works1. And the fact that brain guard+ provided a clinically meaningful amount of citicoline is what pushed me toward this product.

I noticed a change right away

I noticed a change right on day one when I started taking brain guard+.* I work in a law office, and it felt like my typical tasks just took less mental energy to complete. It wasn’t like an autopilot feeling, because mentally, I was very present in the moment. Rather, it was more similar to the feeling of following a GPS—I had awareness of where I was going, and a clear and efficient route to the end of a task. It helped me tune out distractions.*  

After a few weeks of taking it, I started seeing changes in how I handled stress. I stopped feeling as flustered by situations I once found stressful and was able to emotionally regulate and move on from those situations quickly.* 

It’s now an integral part of my supplement routine

Since starting brain guard+ almost two months ago, I have yet to miss a day. I take it first thing in the morning—to prime myself for a productive day. 

I’m pleasantly surprised and impressed with how much mental clarity I feel from taking this supplement—I honestly didn’t quite know what to expect when I first started it.*

Currently, I’m prioritizing this supplement in my routine for mood balance and to create a clear state of mind.* But I also feel good knowing that all the ingredients in the formula also support long-term brain health.* 

The takeaway

Nutrition impacts so much more than your physical health—it also nourishes your brain and can help provide an edge in optimizing your mood and mental health. I will definitely continue to take the supplement because I feel like it gives me more control over my own brain.* With mindbodygreen (I’m also a big fan of metabolism+ and ultimate multivitamin+) I know I’m getting a high quality product and can feel a difference in my daily well-being.* 

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medications, consult with your doctor before starting a supplement routine. It is always optimal to consult with a health care provider when considering what supplements are right for you.

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