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No Joke, I Tried This Eye Balm & Woke Up Looking 10 Years Younger


Carleigh Ferrante

November 11, 2023

mbg Commerce Editor

By Carleigh Ferrante

mbg Commerce Editor

Carleigh Ferrante is the Commerce Editor at mindbodygreen.

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November 11, 2023

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Try as I may to protect my skin’s longevity, fine lines and perpetually tired-looking under-eyes always seem to give me away. I’ve dabbled in eye creams for most of my adult life, but none have earned a lasting spot in my lineup.

That is until I tried this Versed retinoid balm and woke up looking 10 years younger. Now completely hooked, I’m taking advantage of the brand’s sitewide one-day-only sale to replenish my supply (and perhaps try a few other Versed products while I’m at it).

Versed Smooth Landing Eye Balm$16 (was $20)

What I love about this eye balm

The rich texture

At first I thought the balm would feel heavy on my delicate under-eye skin, but it literally melts right in. 

The lush texture is deeply moisturizing, without feeling heavy at all. Plus, a little bit goes a long way—so I can tell this container will last me at least a couple of months.

On sale for $16, that nets down to less than a quarter per day (a small price to pay for a significantly younger-looking face).

The quality ingredients

Let’s start with what this balm doesn’t have. Like all Versed products, it’s free from parabens, silicones, and sulfates commonly used in skin care. It’s also vegan, cruelty-free, and tested by dermatologists. We love to hear it at mindbodygreen!

Instead, Versed opts for research-backed ingredients, such as granactive retinoid to soften fine lines and wrinkles, vitamin E to strengthen the skin barrier, black currant seed oil to nourish and protect from free radicals, and shiitake mushroom extract to promote skin healing and renewal.

I love knowing exactly what each ingredient is doing and that the balm is safe to use on sensitive skin.

The undeniable results

Most importantly, this luscious balm brings visible results—and I’m not the only one who’s noticed. The other morning my friend asked me how I was so “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” at a 6 a.m. workout class, and my only response was this little pot of miracle cream.

I’m not one to gatekeep, especially when it comes to products that promote skin longevity. As such, I’ve already turned multiple people on to this balm, and each one has a similar tale to tell.

The results are so good, shoppers are flocking to the review page wondering where this balm has been all their life.

Its major claims to fame? Minimizing dark circles, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, diminishing milia, and deeply moisturizing the under-eyes.

One reviewer says she’s “looking so much younger” that people keep asking what she’s changed. Another calls the balm a “magic potion,” and many rave about their noticeable results after just one use. 

Versed Smooth Landing Eye Balm$16 (was $20)

The takeaway

I have to really love a product to add it to my daily routine, but the Versed Smooth Landing Advanced Retinoid Eye Balm seriously wowed me. Not only are my eyes brighter, but my entire face looks younger and more awake. Honestly, the $20 balm is a steal at full price—but this 20% markdown makes it a no-brainer. Use code SNEAKPEEK20 at checkout.

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