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Recumbent Group Ride

I had a fun group ride today with Bay Area Recumbent Cyclists. They started from the Coyote Creek trail further north near Bernal Road, so I rode up to meet them and we took the trail back to the end in Morgan Hill. Then we had lunch nearby. I said goodbye there and headed home so this was a total of just over two hours for me. It rained all night but was supposed to be sunny at the start of the ride. It turned out to be still gloomy but at least no longer raining. The trail was pretty soggy from last night’s rain but I was dressed for it. There was an interesting assortment of trikes and bikes. My favorite was a solar-powered electric assist bike. It was a kit homemade by the owner. He didn’t bring his panels with him today, just ran on battery. He said he can charge it from empty to full in about 3 hours on a sunny day.

Meeting Up At Parking Lot At Basking RidgeTaking A Break At Anderson Visitor’s Center

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