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Recumbents Perform Well At Sebring Race

This year “Bike Sebring” was again held at the Sebring Raceway in Florida. This has 6, 12, and 24 hour events around the speedway track, which is flat. Recumbents are expected to do well on this type of course, and they did not disappoint, winning several of the events outright. I am on the mailing list of both high-quality recumbent makers in the US, Bacchetta, and Cruzbike, and got the news from both those sources. Both Bacchetta and Cruzbike races were on stock bikes with no fairings.

From Dana Lieberman of Bacchetta -“Our biggest news of the week – Dominic Brownlow leads again on his Bacchetta CA3.0 at Bike Seabring 2024! Racing in the 24 hour non-drafting/unsupported division (the most challenging), he completed 389.9 miles in the 24 hours and took 1st place in the division. Overall he was 4th place of all the 24 hour racers and the second place recumbent. His mileage has qualified him for Race Across America. Congratulations! Dominic is a veteran racer on his Bacchetta, placing 1st at the Psycho 48 in 2022.”

Dominic en route to winning 24 hour/undrafted/unsupported division. (From Dana Lieberman’s e-mail)

Maria Parker at Cruzbike also sent out a summary, describing how well racers on Cruzbikes did. Her: race report is here.

Laura Crawford and Maria Parker won the team 12-hour drafting event, riding 274.00 miles.

Complete results for the event are here. Congratulations to my fellow recumbent riders (who are as fast in reality as I am in my dreams).

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