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Riding Outside Again!

Today was two weeks since my bike crash and possible concussion. My discharge instructions from the hospital said to avoid riding for two weeks so I was good to go today. My group had it’s annual Halloween ride out to the local Spina farms pumpkin patch. I was warmly welcomed back at the start, some of the riders had last seen me being transported away in an ambulance.

I was glad I brought my e-bike because the group rode briskly. I thought I’d kept my stamina up by riding on my stationary bike for the last two weeks. But while I did throw in some higher intensity intervals, those rides were all less than an hour and this was almost three hours. I guess a lost a bit of my steady-state pace so compensated with the motor. I’m sure it will come back quickly. It was a nice late fall day for a ride.

The gang taking a break at Chesbro reservoir

The entrance off Santa Teresa Blvd

I loved my friend Molly’s “biker babe” costume

Marigolds, a pumpkin pyramid, and animated triceratops

The Santa Cruz Mountains as a backdrop

On the way home I passed this cool Dia de Los Muertos display at Morgan Hill Community Center

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