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Um, My Sleep Scores Are Seriously Peaking — Save 30% On My New Nighttime Essential


Carleigh Ferrante

November 11, 2023

mbg Commerce Editor

By Carleigh Ferrante

mbg Commerce Editor

Carleigh Ferrante is the Commerce Editor at mindbodygreen.

Image by mbg creative

November 11, 2023

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Listen, I know nighttime scrolling isn’t doing my sleep any favors. Studies have shown blue light exposure could have negative effects on sleep quality and sleep duration (which I’ve personally seen my own sleep scores).

No matter how you spin it, though, some screen time is inevitable. And I’d rather rock a pair of funny looking blue light blocking glasses than attempt to avoid screens all together.

Admittedly, I was doubtful blue light blocking glasses would do much—but my sleep scores don’t lie, and they’ve been peaking since I started wearing Bon Charge’s glasses before bed.

I’m sleeping deeper and longer, and I’m waking up much easier, which truly impacts my entire day.

The best part? The glasses are currently $20 off; plus you can save an extra 15% with code MINDBODYGREEN.

Bon Charge Morris Blue Light Blocking Glasses$85 (was $121)

What I love about these glasses

They filter up to 100% of blue light

Eager to protect my sleep and still look cute in the process, I first tried more aesthetically pleasing styles with clear lenses and trendy frames.

Unfortunately, I learned most of these styles filter less than 30% of blue light, which is nowhere close to what we’re exposed to each day.

Bon Charge’s Blue Light Glasses, on the other hand, eliminate 100% of blue and green light between 400 to 550nm—and I can truly see the difference in my sleep scores.

They prep my body for sleep

What many people get wrong about blue light is believing that filtering it out will protect against digital eye strain, when research has indicated is not the case

Research does, however, suggest blue light exposure in the evening can trick your brain into thinking it is actually daytime, which suppress melatonin production. This makes it harder to fall asleep and negatively affects your sleep quality once you do.

I’ve learned this firsthand from lower sleep scores on the nights I bring my phone (or worse, my laptop) to bed versus higher scores when I opt for a book or meditation.

But, like I said, sometimes the screens are inevitable. That’s where these Bon Charge glasses come in.

Following the brand’s recommendations, I put them on two to three hours before bed and simply going about my routine as usual.

My sleep scores are higher than ever

To be clear, I’ve been wearing my Bon Charge glasses for months now, but I noticed an impact the very first night. I’d been suffering from a bout of Oura scores in the high 70’s and low 80’s, and that night my score shot up to a 91.

The skeptic in me always thinks results like this are a fluke, but with continued wear, my higher sleep scores have stayed surprisingly consistent.

As you’ll see in the image below, I achieved a full extra hour of sleep on the night I wore my glasses compared to another night, when I was in bed for the same exact amount of time but actually asleep for way less.

sleep score before & after bon charge

Image by Carleigh Ferrante / mbg creative

I feel more rested

Of course, great sleep scores mean nothing if you don’t feel rested—and I’m shocked by how much easier I wake up on the mornings after wearing my Bon Charge glasses.

This newfound alertness is also reflected in my Oura readiness scores and in the amount I’m able to take on throughout the day.

I’m more focused during work hours, stronger in my workouts, and (to my friends’ delight) way more willing to commit to social plans knowing I’ll have more energy.

Bon Charge Morris Blue Light Blocking Glasses$85 (was $121)

The takeaway

There’s a lot of factors that impact sleep quality, but screen time was seriously hurting mine—and these glasses are the real deal. By filtering out 100% of blue and green light, they’ve helped keep my sleep scores higher than ever.

Instead of opting for a budget pair that won’t do much good (been there; done that), shop this higher quality pick for an extra 15% off with code MINDBODYGREEN. If you’re anything like me, these glasses will make your whole life a little easier.

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