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Um, You’re Going To Want To Read This Before You Use A Sex Toy

mbg Commerce Editor

By Carleigh Ferrante

mbg Commerce Editor

Carleigh Ferrante is the Commerce Editor at mindbodygreen.

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Don’t get me wrong: Self pleasure is extremely important. Studies show masturbation can improve sleep1, raise estrogen levels2, boost self esteem3, and even lead to a more satisfying sex life3 overall—but that feel-good pleasure can quickly turn to pain if your sex toys aren’t properly maintained.

According to a counselor and psychosexual health educator L.P. Watts, LCSW, when not properly cleaned, sex toys can collect bacteria, dirt, sperm, and even the microscopic organisms responsible for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Talk about a damper on your pleasure.

Instead of shelving your favorite toy altogether, it’s time to get serious about ways to keep them clean. Or you can go the easy route and try sexual wellness brand Wisp’s Playtime Bundle.

Each kit combines Dame’s best-selling Pom vibrator with Wisp’s gentle cleaning mist for your one-stop-shop for good, clean fun. And by purchasing the two bedroom essentials together, you save nearly 25%. Must I say more?

Wisp x Dame Playtime Bundle$85

What’s great about the Dame Pom

Sometimes you need to take pleasure into your own hands—which is exactly what Dame’s handheld Pom vibrator does, creating a gradual buildup to deeply satisfying orgasms.

It’s made from waterproof, medical grade silicone that feels like silk against your skin. Plus, with five intensity levels and five pattern modes, you’re bound to find your Goldilocks setting.

The Pom packs a big punch for its tiny, sleek design. One shopper even deems it her “can’t live without toy,” with others raving about how comfortable and pleasurable it is to use.

Even sex toy newbies love this toy for its intuitive design. The Pom is remarkably quiet for a vibrator, and so versatile it can be used in pretty much any position. The pliable material also conforms to your hip movements to hit that perfect spot for enhanced pleasure.

Arguably our favorite part about this cult-favorite toy, though, is its unassuming design. Many reviewers say it’s so discreet you can leave the vibrator right out on your nightstand.

Oh, and it’s currently 25% off.

Dame Pom Vibrator$55 (was $74)

What’s great about the Wisp Mist

“Treat your toys with the respect you would treat your retainer,” Watts previously told mindbodygreen. “You wouldn’t just throw your retainer or your toothbrush in your makeup bag.”

Is anyone else dying to give their sex toys a spray down?

Enter: the Wisp Mist, a sex toy cleaner to keep things sanitary and fresh. With each spritz, the mist effectively kills bacteria to prevent vaginal infection (or reinfection)—so you can confidently reach for your favorite toy whenever desire strikes. And it couldn’t be easier to use.

Simply spray the mist on your toy after each use and allow it to sit for 30 seconds before wiping the toy down with a damp cloth. You can then rinse with warm water and you’re good to go.

Wisp x Dame Playtime Bundle$85

The takeaway

We’re huge proponents of self pleasure, and the Pom is a surefire way to reap the benefits of orgasms. When paired with Wisp’s cleaning mist, you’ve got all your bases covered. The best part? Right now you can get the full Playtime Bundle for 20% with code MINDBODY20.

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