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Unexpected Adventure On Tuesday Group Ride

Tuesday my bike group was going for a ride East of Gilroy up in the hills. We would start at Mendoza ranch parking lot, so I carpooled up there with our ride leader, my friend Kris.

Halloween display around the corner from Kris’s house

We headed up to the start, and took off up Gilroy Hot Springs road, a beautiful mountain ride.

Kris and Art at the turnaround on Gilroy Hot Springs Road

On the way back, I started to turn onto Canada road off of Gilroy Hot Springs road. That’s the last thing I remember until waking up with someone asking me questions. Apparently I had slipped on some gravel at the junction and went down, hitting my head, and was out for 5 minutes.

This was out front of the CalFire station, so my friends didn’t even have to call for help, the firefighters came running out. The CalFire paramedics verified I was coherent, got my wounds stabilized, then got me on the backboard and fitted with a cervical collar. They shifted me to the ambulance gurney. My friends waited with me while this was going on. Next I was transported to San Jose Regional Medical center, the closest trauma center.

Out front the CalFire station on Canada road. A good place to pick to go down!
The Right side of my helmet showing the impact. This is a MIPs helmet, which eliminates rotational motion of the brain during impact, reducing the likelihood of brain injury. This is the only type of helmet I would wear, and it did its job

At Regional they took a Cat scan and it came back normal, so no serious head trauma. I had a more severe laceration on my face which got super-glued, everything else was minor owwies that I have to keep clean. That knee bandage on my right leg was just covering a bunch of miscellaneous minor scrapes. So I got to go home, with instructions to avoid bicycling (or any other contact sports) for several days, and follow up with my primary care doc. This could have been a lot worse, I have scrapes on my hands so apparently stuck them out to brace myself as I was falling. That could have easily resulted in a collarbone break. And my abrasions were minor compared to serious road rash.


Choose rides carefully
Sirrus (skinny tired road bike) is for smooth road rides only
use only vado (bike with fatter tires) if anything but a smooth surface (of course, this cannot always be predicted, we thought yesterday was going to be on smooth road surface, but the county is busy repaving these roads).

reduce volume of bike riding, crash danger is proportional to time on road.

Of course, crashes can still happen, but it’s good to take measures to minimize the danger. Today I am on the mend. The main symptom is a minor headache and some abrasions. All’s well that ends well!

At home and on the mend

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