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Wait. You Can Get An Oura Ring For $100 Off Right Now

mbg Commerce Editor

By Carleigh Ferrante

mbg Commerce Editor

Carleigh Ferrante is the Commerce Editor at mindbodygreen.

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One of my main goals in 2023 was to optimize my sleep; I’ve seen firsthand how quality sleep improves workouts, boosts productivity, and supports mood. My relationships even flourish when I’m clocking a better sleep score.

When I think about all the changes I’ve made to get my sleep on track, they all circle back to my Oura ring. I’ve tried a lot of buzz-worthy products, but this one has had the biggest impact on my health this year—and it’s currently on a very rare sale for Black Friday.

If I could, I’d buy one for every person on my shopping list. After all, what’s better than waking up ready to conquer the day?

Oura Horizon Ring

What’s great about the Oura ring

One of the most advanced wearables I’ve tried, this sleek ring collects an unbelievable amount of data, such as heart rate variability (HRV), body temperature, and sleep stages. What’s more, it’s super accurate.

Psychiatrist and neuroscientist Dave Rabin, M.D., Ph.D., called the Oura ring the “most accurate consumer wearable,” on an episode of the mindbodygreen podcast. And when compared to a comprehensive medical test used to diagnose sleep disorders (the polysomnography test), the Oura ring showed accuracy levels of up to 92.6%.

Part of this accuracy is due to constant wear. The rings are lightweight and comfortable, so they seamlessly integrate into your routine rather than disrupting it. They can also go days in between charges, which ensures you never have to sacrifice data for an overnight recharge.

The best part? Oura houses your data in an incredibly user-friendly app, with thoughtful insights and actionable recommendations. Since I started tracking my sleep with Oura one year ago, I’ve improved my HRV (a key indicator of health and longevity!), increased my REM sleep by over 400%, logged more steps than any other year, and completely regulated a previously abnormal menstrual cycle. Oh, and I ran one of my fastest marathons yet.

Is it just me, or is better sleep the key to a better life?

Oura Black Friday sale details

From now through Cyber Monday (or until sold out!) all Oura Horizon rings are on sale, with some of the best markdowns I’ve ever seen.

$30 off Black + Silver$50 off Stealth$70 off Gold$100 off Rose Gold

Oura Horizon Ring

The takeaway

I swear I light up every time I talk about my Oura ring. It’s been like a road map to better sleep, and I’ve seen the impact in every aspect of my life. Whether you’re hoping to improve your own well-being or snag an unforgettable holiday gift, this ring is the ultimate sleep and longevity hack. Just make sure to add it to your cart before the sale ends on November 27 (or before others beat you to it and this deal sells out).

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