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On Wednesday I did my 100km ride for the month, for which I had signed up for the Strava challenge. I finished in 4 hrs 23 minutes for an average speed of 14.2 mph (22.8 kph). This was 49 minutes faster than when I did one in March, so I was pretty pleased. But I was wiped afterwards. So Thursday after my upper body workout I just did an easy recovery cruise. I felt good enough to go harder again yesterday for three hours. Today will be another easy recovery ride, this time on my upright emphasizing dirt paths, which I always enjoy. Thus ends a tough week. I’ve noticed my volume has crept up a bit, so I’m going to cut back so I don’t exceed an average of two hours a day. But I’ll still work hard on my more intense training.

Wednesday ride is posted on Strava here. Thursday here, Friday here.

I did an experiment capturing a video on my digital camera to see if I could extract quality stills later from it. It worked out pretty well. The video is posted here. It’s pretty bouncy, there are various places on the trail with tree roots and I had my 20″ wheels with road tires pumped up to 100 psi (6.9 bar).

Coyote Creek Trail going south near Bailey bridge (screenshot captured from video)Coyote Creek Trail further south (screenshot captured from video)Coyote Creek Trail approaching golf course (still shot)

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