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Easy Ride to San Martin

After friday’s harder ride I cruised south to San Martin yesterday and did an easier ride for 1 hour 43 minutes. These recovery rides always make me feel better after, I call it “spinning the junk out of my legs”.

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After my recent discussion of the year (and month and week) records in cycling, I discovered the World Ultracycling Association website. They keep track of the year record now among others, including distances covered in 6 hours and 12 hours. If you want to submit ride info to them you can just give strava data or other gps data. But there is a catch. You can’t submit a ride of less than 90 miles! Anything less is considered too casual, I guess, which gives an idea of what the “ultra” in ultracycling means. I was able to look up some previous records to get an idea of how fast people around my age might be. I couldn’t find a record for the 70+ category, but in the 60-69 age group the record for a month is over 4000 miles! I mentioned that I thought if I gave it a really good try I could do about 1500 miles in a month, which I thought was a lot. This puts it in perspective…

World Ultracycling Association: Alan S. Johnson, holder of the record of 4007.5 miles for the 60-69 age category

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