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Local Ride in the Rain

Yesterday I did my upper body workout followed by a cruise on my recumbent. I was semi-rainproof, because the weather report said I had a window of about two hours before the rain would start. If only the weather report could be trusted. I got rained on fairly heavily for about half the ride. Fortunately it was not that long of a ride. This is the second time this has happened this week, so I guess the lesson in err on the side of caution with rain gear on any day there is a chance of rain.

Posted on Strava here.

Fun picture for the day: This is from Strava. Two French cyclists went on a long ride (2,196 km) to trace out this picture with their gps recording, in honor of the upcoming Paris Olympics. This is the world record for the largest piece of “Strava art” by bike.

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