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Nice Weather Has Returned

We got a good bit of rain last Thursday, and it was still doing scattered showers on Friday morning when I rode. It had been cold while raining overnight, so there was snow on the mountains which was unusual for us. It cleared up later that day and we’ve had sunny weather since, for enjoyable for riding. Friday’s ride is on Strava here, Saturday’s here, Sunday’s here, Yesterday’s here and here, Yesterday I did an upper body workout in the morning followed by a short ride, then I checked out a minor adjustment on my recumbent with a short PM ride. These rides were all on my. Today I’ll take my neglected upright out on our group ride.

Loma Prieta and Mt Umunhum in the Santa Cruz have snow near there peaks, around 3500 feet and above (close-up of Loma Prieta, lower left, and Mt Umunhum, lower right)I was surprised to see snow on these hills East of Morgan Hill, which are much lower, below 2000 feetLooking East Past San Martin to the Santa Cruz Mountains on Sunday

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