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Time To Dial Up Healthy Lifestyle a Bit

Lately I’ve been having a bit more problems with arthritis in my fingers. They’ve had osteoarthritis for more than 10 years, but it is now progressing in the ring finger of my right hand. This can cause problems typing when I try to type with that finger and it doesn’t bend properly.

My right hand shows osteoarthritis in the bent joints. Neither the forefinger nor middle finder straighten properly

Then yesterday I got a call from my neurologist’s office about a recent cervical MRI I had, which uncovered arthritis and bone spurs in my neck. My Doc sent me for that test because a follow-up MRI of my head after my October bike crash showed some symptoms which are probably age-related but she wants to rule out other possibilities. So now I need to do a test of upper body nerve response in case anything might be getting pinched in the cervical area. I don’t have too many symptoms in the neck, I have good mobility (I do some stretches every night), and I don’t have any tingling or loss of strength in my hands. So I expect to do ok on that test (May 7) but we’ll see. My neck does get stiff after too long riding on an upright, which is why I prefer a recumbent for long rides.

I now have known osteoarthritis in two areas, and previously had to have hip replacements because of osteoarthritis there. Osteoarthritis is, among other things, a sign of systemic inflammation. This can be helped with better eating, avoiding inflammatory foods. So I will be more diligent in that area. Otherwise I’ll continue with my neck stretches, and do some strengthening. Maybe I’ll get referred for PT after I follow up with the neurologist. All of these conditions are probably normal age-related things, but I believe in doing what I can to slow done the march of time.

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