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Three Trails Ride

Yesterday I did a long ride (3 hrs 51 min, 46 miles) that included 3 local trails. I rode out Santa Teresa boulevard north to Almaden Lake park where I picked up the Guadalupe river trail, which I took as far north as Chynoweth. Then I backtracked to the park and took the Los Alamitos Creek trail south to its end at Harry road, then got on McKean and took it down to Bailey ave. I picked up the Coyote Creek trail and rode it tois end at the visitors center, then home from there. My average speed was just under 12 mph because there was significant climbing on this ride, slow on my recumbent. I posted it on Strava here.

Almaden Lake ParkLos Alamitos Creek TrailMcKean Road, near the base of Calero Dam

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