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Sorry I missed some days of reporting, this will catch me up. Thursday was my upper body workout which I did in the garage, then I took my recumbent out, with the performance seat in a highly reclined position and my new headrest. It was surprisingly not noticeably faster than my normal setup. I did do a PR of 94 sec on a local sprint challenge, the Digital loop, which is about 4 seconds faster than the other setup, so at least “performance mode” works a bit better on shorter challenges. Maybe I’ll reserve it for uses like that, like when we do Hellyer Park Velodrome HPV day in May. But the normal setup is definitely more comfortable for longer rides so I put the bike back that way later in the day. Thursday’s ride is here on Strava.

Friday was an easy day, so I did a cruise on the recumbent in the morning. out and back on the Coyote Creek trail then east and southeast of Morgan Hill (here), then took my upright e-bike out in the afternoon (here).

Beautiful sunny day on Coyote Creek Friday

Saturday was hard riding day so I rode a brisk pace up to south San Jose, then back on the West side to Morgan Hill, at an average heart rate of 122. I threw in a bunch of intervals also and some on-bike strength training. This was a tougher ride but I felt great. On Strava here.

This is as you cross the hill on Santa Teresa boulevard in South San Jose, about to leave the rural area and enter suburbia.

Yesterday was another upper body workout, after which I cruised around locally on my recumbent (here), then in the afternoon I did another cruise, mostly looking for fun dirt and gravel spots, on my e-bike (here).

Heading west on Bailey Ave on my way back from South San Jose. IBM’s Bailey facility is up ahead on the right.Morgan Hill, coming off the 101 overpass on Main ave, looking west. It’s cool that your looking out on a city of over 45000 people but it’s not very noticeable because of all the greenery.

Note on e-bikes and recording mileage

I mentioned previously that I’ve joined a Strava challenge to ride more than 600K miles this month. With electric assist I definitely cover more miles with the same effort, although this is offset somewhat because my vada has fat tires and I often take it off road. Nevertheless, when I total up my miles I’m going to knock off about 20% of the miles ridden on the vado to be sure it’s not giving me an unfair advantage. Most of my miles this month will be unassisted, on the recumbent.

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